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13 July
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alt memorablefancy
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Date Created:2003-11-06
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Incredibly lazy, somewhat antisocial and yet usually friendly towards people, she has a passionate hate for prejudices and hypocrisies. More of a dreamer than a doer, she's developed a deep love for music and art from a very early age, and generally prefers quality to quantity.
Strengths: Open-minded, sympathetic, easily amused, some say smart.
Weaknesses: Always hungry, always lazy, very short tempered, very stubborn and hot-blooded, way too sensitive for her own good.
Special Skills: Writing, thinking.
Weapons: Words, pencil and paper. Occasionally, she might snarl and bite.
Motto: The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom. (W. Blake)

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My pledge:
One brain to perv them all,
One rope to bind them
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Artwork by the very talented kip_00

Artwork by The Theban Band

Sean Bean is Love

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